Who else has had a dream about a terrible flooding situation occurring soon?

I have. It occurred some moment ago as I reclined on the couch in the living room. But I will not provide details about the places I saw, especially the entrance to a very popular estate in Lagos that looked like a big river. It was a terrible situation indeed. I was not thinking about flooding before the beautiful afternoon sleep transported me to dreamland….

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Does the world need the United States and China to continue in the ongoing clash of sanctions?

If you ping me, I will pong you What’s that? If you Tik me, I will Tok you What are you smoking? Tit-for-tat! Can you be serious for once? The Chinese foreign ministry is reported to have embraced the ‘do me, I do you,’ policy in response to what they consider as harmful treatment of Chinese interests by Washington, and you are here playing. Then…

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Beyond Asun, Nkwobi, Suya, Pepper-soup, goats can do more as shown by those 24 goats in New York City

Many people have long assumed that goats were created by God strictly to delight the taste buds of man! Lovers of Suya, Asun, Pepper-Soup, Nkwobi know firsthand how various delights imitate one another as they crush portions of goat meat served in any of these popular meals. Yet from New York City came a report recently of some 24 goats that went enthusiastically into a…

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Who else went to space with billionaire Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen?

All of us Why am I not surprised? Before you go self-righteous on me and start your ‘success has many fathers’ commentary, you should know that this is not one of those cases. Jeff Bezos said we, the real Amazonians, made the historic flight possible. The richest man to visit space said that. He called you Amazonians? You? I’m an Amazonian whether you like it…

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The lingering message by that Chinese mother who put her back against the wind to protect her daughter

In a video that has since gone viral in the last couple of days, a Chinese mother was seen placing her back against a fierce wind to protect her daughter from harm. The wind had earlier knocked her and her daughter off a scooter. It had also knocked down a tricycle that was parked nearby. It didn’t look like anything could stand in the way…

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Remembering Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s prayer popularly called UNCLE SAM’S PRAYER

On July, 14 1958, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe led members of the NCNC NEC to make the following prayer at Lagos City College: “Our father in heaven, we pray that You save us from ourselves. The world that You have made for us to live in peace, we have made into an armed camp. We live in fear of war to come. We are afraid of the terror that…

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What is the biggest factor common to the ongoing riots in South Africa and ENDSARS riots?

Answer: Pent-up anger on the loos Question: What are 7 stand-out revelations from both events? Answer: Looters are lying in wait Emotional trauma is multiplied Innocents are caught in the crossfires Containment forces are stretched to their limits The extent of destruction cannot be predicted Real answers are in short supply The urgent need to de-escalate the level of anger, especially among young people