Men-in-Black’s memory stick eraser, the Neuralyzer, for sale?

What category of Nigerians are likely to snap up pieces of Men-in-Black’s memory stick, the Neuralyzer when it is commercially available? What kinds of interests may be advanced if there is a way to force selective forgetting among the people? Or completely wipe out certain memories from the collective unconscious (apologies Carl Gustav Jung)?

Do clones of the Neuralyzer currently exists in other formats? Or through agencies?

By the way, why haven’t those scientists at University of California, Davis, United States, who hinted at the possibility of a Neuralyzer matched their promise with action. Since Brian Wiltgen and his team reported their success in using light to wipe off specific memories from rodents used in an experiment years ago?

Surely, we are vulnerable when we forget. But that vulnerability could be strength or weakness. It depends.

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