How Nigerian youths can keep it together when things are Turning Red (Disney & Pixar) – Four: Listen

Mei was back at the 43:00-minute mark to drop another vital key for keeping it together when things are Turning Red: “All right, troops, listen up” she said. Listening is such an important skill Nigerian youths must generally cultivate at this time. It is one of those life-skills that can make the difference between life and death. Facts could easily die in a multitude of words and deception could easily be armed when little listening is taking place. Listening makes it easier for measured responses and the kind of feedback that cautions speakers to stick with the facts. Listening helps those who do to differentiate those who speak from their hearts from those who don’t. Having agreed that the leaders Nigeria needs in the coming dispensation must be big on compassion, Nigerian youths cannot afford not to learn how to listen better. Saying all the right things may not suppose that the heart from where it is springing may be full of grace.

Another critical reason for emphasizing this growth of listening capabilities in Nigerian youths is to make it easy for them to distinguish those who walk with their heads in the clouds from those who do not. While we need a combination of idealists and realists in the coming dispensation, we definitely need realists to populate the numbers.

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  1. Jedidah July 22, 2022 at 9:18 am

    This is true, Uncle Rob. Listening is a very important skill in communicating, and young people need to understand this real good


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