Thiago Alcantara is Jay Jay Okocha’s son

My chest, my chest, hey, what is this?

Your chest, what happened to your chest? This man you have started again o. School just resumed and you haven’t paid the children’s school fees. This is not the time for expensive jokes

Woman, get away. God will provide. Ewho! Jay Jay is reborn. Mba! But wait o, Jay Jay is 47years and Thiago is 29years.

Hian! Don’t make me burn this food I’m cooking o

Let it burn. I can cook myself. Oh, Thiago. Thiago, Thiago. Klopp, Klopp. Abeg clap for Klopp. Clap o!

Biko, bring down your voice, Papa Ngozi

Ewho, Hey! Where is Mc Edo Pikin?

Who is that?

Where is he when we need him?

I still don’t know who you are talking about

What is the difference between Jay Jay Okocha and Thiago Alcantara? The difference is NOT very, very clear, understand now. At all. At all.

Mc Edo Pikin, Jay Jay Okocha, Thiago Alcantara, I don’t know what you are talking about

Dey there in the kitchen and be speaking to me from there

Is that how you talk to your wife; the one preparing the food you will eat after your football game?

I’m sorry but it is a crime to prepare food at this time! Ewho, Thiago, Thiago, Igbum o! See the passes as if he’s the one paying the school fees of the children of those Chelsea players. Ewho. Oh, Jay Jay, I’m sorry, Thiago, Thiago, Tear it and go. Mba nu. Tia it and go!

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