Why does Tim Cook, CEO of Apple wake up at 3:45am every morning?

How is that my business? Do I go bed with him?

You wish

Oh please. It’s been a while since I had any of those banters with you

When do you wake up every morning?

Do you want to tell me to wake up at 3.45am like Tim Cook?

A simple answer will just be fine?

Do you think 3:45am is his holy grail or the secret to his success?

What do you think?

All of you who raise your ears and turn your eyes when you hear that a successful CEO wakes up early in the morning or does not take any major decision after 10am, and immediately want to adopt such routines, should beware.


The routine is not the secret of their success but the reason for the routine. The two are not the same. Unfortunately, some people think it is the routine itself. So they quickly adopt the routine and when after sometime, they do not see the kind of results they expected, they murmur and complain.

So why does Tim Cook wake up at 3:45am every day?

To give attention to his health by going to the gym; thereafter to attend to personal matters, and finally, the most important task of all, quality uninterrupted thinking. Every other aspect of his life as a successful CEO rests on these three pillars he has long identified. The value they hold for him necessitated the adoption of the wake-up time.

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  1. Patience November 22, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Great men don’t spend all night sleeping and snoring. But the cooking part….its rather strange to my country men


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