Because of Coronavirus Kidnappers have suspended operations. Boko Haram too

It is really true this thing the bible says that we should give thanks for all things


Do you not agree with me?

I thought you wanted to tell me something

I was but I don’t see any excitement on your face

Excitement on my face? Then you don’t have anything important to say

I do. We should give thanks for all things.

What have you been giving thanks for?

The coronavirus!

Oh, common on. Coronavirus? You must be joking.

I’m not joking, my friend. Put your ears close to the ground. There’s some good in news about the virus after all

What’s the good news?

Like you, I used to think that the coronavirus was only about gloom and doom but I received an interesting bit of information last week.

And what is it?

Kidnappers have suspended operations because of the Coronavirus. And Boko Haram too.

For real?

It’s what I heard

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