About Robtakes

History • Conjectures • Insights

We started Robtakes when we considered that there is no better way of more safely interpreting future events than looking back at history. We do not have the future but the past as the benchmark to understand, assess and interpret the present. We do not have tomorrow as yesterday to better understand today. Today is running fast, at such dizzying speed, away from us, to catch up with tomorrow; so we cannot in all honesty, say we have today. What we have is history, the past.

History is a storehouse, a treasure trove of plots from where we may draw conjectures and glean insights.

There are so many events, whether considered significant or insignificant from the past, with gaps, which we may reasonably understand better, when placed side by side with other events, and from which we may glean vital intelligence for today.

We would continue to engage our biggest storehouse of stories, interrogate issues and learn as we go along.



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