A most terrific tomato plant

Once upon a time, a certain tomato seed decided to grow in an interesting place. It was a strong, hard and concrete-laden place where there was barely any kind of soil. Not only was the place extreme and resistant, the tomato seed chose the dry season to grow. What a plant!

To make matters worse for the tomato plant, my neighbour went to the market one day in Nnewi, Anambra State, near the palace of the Igwe and got himself some Ugwu or pumpkin seeds, which he planted in a carefully prepared bed where he had previously grown some vegetables. This carefully prepared bed for his vegetables was rich, manured soil placed beside the wall very close to the tomato plant.

Every morning my neighbour watered his Ugwu seeds and other vegetables growing in the special area. Sometimes, he watered them in the evening. About one week after they were planted, the Ugwu seeds sprouted. They are all looking beautifully green right now. He had just finished watering them this morning when suddenly it dawned on him that for almost 30days that he had unfailingly watered his vegetables, not once did he spare a drop of water for the tomato plant growing so closely by. Yet the tomato plant has continued to grow. And grow. He noticed some of its leaves, especially those close to the base of the plant have started turning brown. It looks like the tomato plant is beginning to die. He kicked himself at first for being so insensitive and selfish but then again, he asked himself how he was supposed to water a plant hanging gingerly with little or no soil at its base. Yet the tomato defied all and grew from a little plant to the beauty that arrested my neighbour’s attention this morning. It is not likely he would see any tomato fruit on the plant. And it does not matter what happens from now. A most terrific tomato plant has made its mark. Does it remind you of someone?

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