Save our Soul, SOS message to Robert Downey Jr’s Doctor Dolittle

Thank God for the genius of actor Robert Downey Jr, and producers of the fascinating Dolittle movie. They chose just the right moment to release the movie. Many who wished the romance with Iron Man would not end, and were heartbroken when his role was rested following that unforgettable fight with the villain Thanos, are now excited once again seeing how his new role as Doctor Dolittle, confers on him potentially, almost the same kind of world saviour role, he played as a leading Avenger. In these days of the fear of coronavirus.

We need Doctor Dolittle to save us from infections and diseases contracted from animals and insects! Consider the following: Mankind contracted HIV/AIDS from apes (Doctor Dolittle knows one very well). Lassa Fever from rats. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS from bats. Bird Flu from birds. Ebola from apes. Coronavirus from snakes to bats before coming to man. Malaria from mosquitoes and the list goes on.

Can Doctor Dolittle please help mankind avoid another cycle of avoidable deaths when the coronavirus season is over? By identifying from the animals and insects where the next break could come from, and informing the rest of us to take necessary action.

Somebody said we brought this on ourselves. That we drove the animals away from their habitats and took over building all manner of replacements in the spaces they once occupied. I agree. We have brought so many bad things on ourselves by some of our choices but we cannot continue to kick ourselves without end in the face of such threats.

We have Doctor Dolittle to send as our emissary and spy, if you like, to the animal kingdom. We must mitigate the next wave after the coronavirus for if we do not it will be a case of when and not if we would have another outbreak of some disease contracted from our interactions with animals.

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