Michael B. Jordan’s interpretation of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse: The Other side of Vengeance, #The OSOV Series – 1

There is the prospect of death everywhere the pursuer goes. Andre Vaseliev said to John Kelly

“…wherever you go, death will follow.”

The pursuer of vengeance is unaware that his footsteps echo his intent. Worse still, is the fact that every step he takes is dogged by death. Not a single step is safe. Tragically, he does not hear the booming sound from death that it is on a similar mission as the pursuer of vengeance. Of course, he does not see the grim reaper either because he is not in front of him but following from behind. If only the pursuer of vengeance paused for a moment and looked back. Death is quick to hide but not so quick to hide all of its footprints. The pursuer of vengeance would have noticed the prints and drawn to interrogating them. Each print would have revealed the intention and character of its creator – to track down and silence the pursuer everywhere he goes.

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