Michael B. Jordan’s interpretation of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse: The Other side of Vengeance, #The OSOV Series – 2

Anonymous sources are stakeholders in the same enterprise as the pursuer of vengeance. Although they are on the same team, they rarely ever disclose their identities. They see gaps in the course of vengeance not visible to the pursuer, and quickly fill those gaps. Then assert their interests from these positions as the pursuer is drawn further and further into the vortex.

These interests are not interesting moments for the pursuer of vengeance because they interrupt his commitment, drain him of energy and even make him question whether or not to go on with the quest. But the beguiling manifestation of possibilities inherent in his quest soon take over and in no time, he is back on the trail. Clearly, unaware that the anonymous stakeholders are keenly observing every move he makes. And bidding the perfect moments to throw in their ruthless spanners.

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