Some brief but interesting aspects of the Metallic Man and the now Metallic Universe

Any discussion about the Metallic man and the now Metallic Network, especially the reasons that necessitated the recent change of name, ought to acknowledge some elements that remain constant in the former and current identities.

Some of these elements include luster, hardness and resonance. The combination is a fascinating one, having attributes of gentleness/softness and hardness at the same time with one side complementing the other. Doesn’t the gentle, almost frail mien and outlook of the Metallic Man flatter observers to believe there is nothing hard, steely, or tough about him? Can we not say the same thing about the Metallic Universe?

But can anyone sit atop the now Metallic Universe for these number of years without a backbone made of steel? For starters, how many can tell the number of persons/corporations who may have coveted that prime seat and wished they ran the show instead of Metallic Man? Lovers of control, especially of vast territories must have salivated without end at the prospects of controlling significant portions of the universe.

Without question, these ‘contests will continue. Yet, like the resonance quality served the earlier order, so will it serve the new order to the extent that the Metallic Universe can constantly cause deep, full and reverberating connections with existing or new subscribers on the network.

Surely, the man of steel from Krypton must marvel at mankind’s authentic Metallic Man, the real man of steel.

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