6 Reasons why we must prepare and pray against a wave of suicide

  • Its droplets are in the air, in a figurative sense.
  • The tendency to copy or emulate the actions of others whether positive or negative, is inborn in all of us.
  • Suicide is one of the sad options usually considered following prolonged frustration, disappointment and feelings of helplessness, which are common-place in this season of the coronavirus.
  • Suicide is a very private affair. Individuals staying alone at home, with the other predisposing conditions, have a higher tendency to attempt a walk along the painful road than if the conditions were different.
  • As the decibels of the blame game continues to rise following the considered errors of judgment by some people, especially how their ‘wrong choices’ may have impacted heavily on the material conditions of others, some of those at the receiving end of the blame game might consider suicide as a dignified route after apologising for their errors. Being unable to forgive themselves.
  • What is the status of our national suicide helpline?
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