Those Nigerian landlords/homeowners who have refunded/cancelled rents from their tenants

Those landlords and homeowners who have refunded rents or asked their tenants not to pay for the months of February, March, April, May and June, 2020 in one of the most creative expressions of benevolent solidarity, as the world battles the impact of the coronavirus, have earned some glowing stripes. There may never be an award or recognition ceremony for them but the primary beneficiaries of their gesture, who share the story, will make it easy for the watchers to present the matter before the authentic deeds’ rewarding audience. So that they may receive the reward for their kindness.

Their remarkable action will certainly outlive the coronavirus-induced conditions that provoked it. It will be one of the more memorable recollections of this era when the worst would have been past and the renewal would have begun.

Among its remarkable feature, I find the emotional power of the gesture most compelling, and one that easily recommends it to other landlords and homeowners in the country. Clearly, the joy these landlords have activated in their tenants is one that they will come to experience themselves, beginning from when the tenants make the due appreciation to the other expressions that follow.

When I asked one of them why they did it, he said it was in their power to do. That was all the motivation they needed.

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