Who else has had a dream about a terrible flooding situation occurring soon?

I have. It occurred some moment ago as I reclined on the couch in the living room. But I will not provide details about the places I saw, especially the entrance to a very popular estate in Lagos that looked like a big river. It was a terrible situation indeed. I was not thinking about flooding before the beautiful afternoon sleep transported me to dreamland. The day has been bright and sunny. Even the clouds didn’t show any dark patches to indicate that rain is coming. The sky is still bright and blue as I write, with the sun still strutting its white stuff. So, there has been no trigger announcing rain since morning. Yet I dreamt about a terrible flooding situation.

I was not thinking of the recent flooding situation in Lagos in which many parts, especially the car park in Marina, were badly affected by floods before I fell asleep. Neither was I thinking about the terrible situations in China, Germany, Belgium or other parts of the world that suffered terrible flooding in the last couple of days.

And I am not a meteorologist!

As I processed more closely some of the thoughts that dominated my mind before I slept, I remembered that feeling disappointed because I could not successfully install some apps on a laptop, was the main issue for me. Not flooding, by any stretch of the imagination.

I had to do this exercise to assure myself that my dreams did not come as a result of the multitude of business or activity because the Bible says that dreams sometimes come that way. And I was not hungry before I fell asleep either.

Who can tell the meaning of my dream? Who can interpret the images I saw of a terrible flooded situation? Now, this is not the kind of demand biblical King Nebuchadnezzar made of the wisemen in ancient Babylon. He did not remember his dream yet he wanted his wisemen to tell him what he saw in his dream and what the images meant! But I remember what I saw. I already mentioned that I will not provide more details in other not to create a panic situation. Yet the dream situations of King Nebuchadnezzar and myself are similar in one key respect: the warning element was unmistakable! He woke up with a jolt. A strong, encroaching sense of brewing emergency. The warning antennas were firing nonstop and he knew this was not one of those occasions you let sleeping dogs lie. This was evidence that demanded a response. From the number citizen in the kingdom.

May we not be caught napping when the floods come because we took the necessary measures to get everyone to high grounds earlier. And more importantly, may we place the warnings in every strategic place for as long as possible, constantly innovating communications about the warnings so that we do not tire from seeing them. And fall into the temptation to ignore them or take them for granted through familiarity.

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