Liam Neeson’s Honest Thief – Memo 6: This tribe of thieves know where to hit

Knowledge is the other side of their most important coin. Yesterday, we saw the first side of their coin – exceptional skills and uncommon abilities. For while the ‘bigger thief’ focuses his attention mostly on ‘enjoying’ his loot, the honest thief plots to puncture all that. While the ‘bigger thief’ is ‘caught up’ in all the ‘enjoyment details’ scarcely paying attention to foolproof security, the honest thief bids his time so that his actions will have ‘maximum impact.’ Who is more dangerous between one who spends all of his wakeful moment thinking of how to dispossess another man of his prized possessions or the man who spends all of his wakeful moments thinking about one pleasure or another he hoped to get from some looted funds stashed somewhere? Which is more important between knowledge of the various kinds of pleasures available to a bigger thief versus knowledge of where stolen resources have been stashed and how they may be compromised?

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