Does the world need the United States and China to continue in the ongoing clash of sanctions?

If you ping me, I will pong you

What’s that?

If you Tik me, I will Tok you

What are you smoking?


Can you be serious for once? The Chinese foreign ministry is reported to have embraced the ‘do me, I do you,’ policy in response to what they consider as harmful treatment of Chinese interests by Washington, and you are here playing.

Then the wave from Tokyo Olympics has not got to your house.

Please leave the Tokyo Olympics out of this matter. This clash of sanctions will hurt many people and institutions.

Is the grass spared when two elephants fight?

Yet the elephants feed on the same grass.

I agree with you but you see my friend, there is time for everything. Time to fight and time to eat

So, what time is it between the United States of America and China?

Time to maintain

I don’t understand

Look closely. The United States and China need each other to maintain the momentum going on in either half, and spilling into the rest of the world


This might seem complicated a bit but you may crack it by considering it what I say next more closely: God has provided something better for the world, that apart from China, the United States should not be made perfect.

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