Why do great leaders fail when they are supposedly riding the crest following a major victory?

Why did former British Prime Minister and 2nd World War hero, Sir Winston Churchill and his Conservative Party lose almost scandalously to Labour Party in the first general election held just after the War, in 1945? How could the people of Britain so brazenly reject the leader who procured victory for the nation during one of its darkest seasons? And so soon after they had sung his praises and commended his deft moves and undying rhetoric during the War?

How many noticed that despite the victory, the empire was already in decline, and was primed to play second fiddle to the two super powers that emerged after the War, The United States and the defunct USSR, and thus required a different approach apart from compelling rhetoric? How many in Churchill’s kitchen cabinet saw the need for a robust overhaul of the entire communication machinery, so that it will move from self-adulation to one that focused more on how to address the unavoidable issues facing an empire in decline?

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