Do the New Year, 2020, like a Pro

Happy New Year! How many things beat the feeling of a new beginning? How many feelings top the hope and confidence that emerge in the early hours? How many can deny this intriguing part of human nature? That feeling that looks like a train pulling away from the station. Its coaches laden with promise. As it pushes onward towards the destination.

There are mind-sets or mentalities that deliver the promises embedded in a new beginning and I want to briefly mention one of those time-tested mind-set we must arm ourselves with as we push ahead. Do the New Year, 2020, like a Pro, where Pro means be Proactive. More than you are reactive. Structure your affairs to be more proactive than you will be reactive. When you do your periodic evaluations as the year progresses, let your proactive scores significantly outnumber your reactive scores.

To be Proactive means to follow in the footsteps of the First Cause. Who is introduced thus in the opening lines of the Bible, ‘In the beginning, God CREATED… (emphasis mine)” He took the high ground in the beginning. He took charge. He set the tone. He set the ball rolling. He pointed the way. He set the agenda.

Embrace a proactive mentality. Submit to its strength so that you internalize its almost automatic character to push out the necessary supplies when the moments appear.

Below are time-tested ways by which you become and remain proactive

  • Commit to life-long learning
  • Get a journal
  • Make notes in longhand
  • Identify proactive persons
  • Choose any three you’d constantly track
  • Set for yourself the goal of mastery
  • Commit to diligent work
  • Evaluate yourself often to ensure you have more numbers in the proactive category
  • Love like a Pro
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