Putin’s Pattern Proves the Point

There are claims that Russia’s military has achieved equality with the United States military. That is, the military capabilities of both countries are now at par. The argument will persist as to which country has the ‘edge’ over the other but there is no question about the fact that there is mutual respect between them. This was not the case in the months and early years following the break-up of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR.

What produced the current situation of mutual respect can be traced to one word – action. Leaders in Russia set their sights on creating a country that enjoyed the respect of the stronger nations in the world. Then they went to work. They had come to see how history favoured those who followed the practice of goal setting.

Whatever you set your sights on this New Year must be backed up with the relevant actions. But it starts with your sight. Where do you want to go? Where do you want to be at? Identify the destination.

On Thursday, 7 of the June, 2018, Russian President, Vladimir Putin announced that a new hypersonic intercontinental missile would enter combat duty in 2019. The equipment was to bring Russia into military parity with the United States of America.

Fast forward to the last week of December 2019 when reports emerged that the hypersonic intercontinental missile President Putin spoke about the year before has become operational. The game-changer equipment, which can fly at 27times the speed of sound, and capable of making sharp manoeuvres in the air, making it difficult to intercept, is now a material reality. It began as a thought, an idea, a target, a plan. Now it is a material reality changing all kinds of military dynamics. Of course, this development has equally triggered the goal-setting machinery of some other countries. And the military fields of the world will get more interesting in the years ahead.

Significantly, as it is with countries, so it is with individuals. What kinds of material tangibles do you want to be associated with down the road? Have you given them thought and crafted a plan from the thought?

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