Avengers Endgame and the Future of the MCU

Creators of Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU took their fans on a brilliant tour of their masterly crafted world of storytelling, mesmerising Computer Generated Imagery, CGI and the beloved Avengers characters in Endgame, the final instalment of the 22-enthralling-movies-saga.

The savagery of Thanos, the villain and his battalions, which was unleashed in the final battle was anything but a game! Those merciless and vicious blows Thanos repeatedly landed on the Avengers decimating their most formidable resistance, was anything but a game. Yet rather than call it, Infinity Finale, or something to that effect, which would have been a natural progression from the penultimate movie, Infinity Wars, creators of the final drop called it Endgame.

Was it a game? What sort of game provokes tears and endless sniffs from those who have watched the spectacle? It was the fiercest battle ever seen in the MCU but it is a game because the genius behind the saga know that the show must go on. To strengthen the already existing bond between fans and the arresting contents from the MCU. It is why they tucked the innocent face of Morgan Stark, the four-year-old daughter of the irrepressible Tony Stark in our memory, as the beloved Iron Man walked into the sunset. The stories are never ended when heroes pass away. Those who have captivated audiences with this craft through the ages, especially proponents of the honour culture, always point the way to the future, as the sun sets over a beloved character.

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