Who are the parents of 8year old Ryan Kaji, the Youtuber who earned $26m in 2019?

My neighbour thought to guilt-trip me but I gave him a sucker punch. He wanted me to feel bad that when most of our 8year olds know next to nothing about the value of one million dollars, 8-year-old Youtuber, Ryan Kaji, is earning millions of dollars annually, reviewing toys. I almost asked him if Ryan himself knows the real value of his earnings (He earned $22million in 2018) but I chose a different route.

I asked him if Ryan would have become a Youtube sensation if his parents did not buy toys for him (where are those parents who refuse to buy toys and video games for their children?) They have not stopped buying toys for him, and giving him other ‘props’ to make him fly, like he’s doing. How many parents of 8year olds in our clime are aware of Ryan’s feat? How many parents in our clime know that such capabilities also exist among some of our own 8year olds?

How many know that in today’s technology abound all kinds of tools by which children do not only live the dreams of their parents but their own dreams within the dreams of their parents, like the story of Ryan brilliantly illustrates.

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