Peter Dinklage’s Cyrano, his soldiers and brief musings about Russian/Ukrainian soldiers currently engaged in war – 4

A soldier sings “I have a father. He isn’t well. He thinks he might be going to hell. He was a sinner, he liked to fight. So, I don’t know, he might be right. I can see him every Sunday morning driving into the fray. He wasn’t one of God’s best men but I loved him anyway. So, take this letter to him please. And tell him I can’t wait to see him. I went in first, I rang the bell. I called his name out loud…”

This well-meaning soldier knew his father ‘Isn’t well.’ Even though he was out there in the chilling fields ready to fight he could not wait to see his father. Something must have told him that being back with his father will help improve his state of health. This well-built supposition has been supported throughout history. When loved ones, especially parents, feel unwell, the presence of other loved ones around them, especially children, usually help in lifting the spirits and improving the general condition.

The parents of Russian and Ukrainian leaders may not be unwell at this time but there is the likelihood that the parents of some of the soldiers prosecuting the ongoing war are unwell. Whether it is one parent or multiple parents, the fact that some soldiers currently in the trenches may wish to spend some time with their unwell parents, is a good ground for reconsidering the entire war situation.

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