Former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa: between returning home next week as alleged vs identifying the opportunity for reset

A top reset moment is definitely upon former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka. It’s the dominant extract from the current season. Especially against the backdrop of news reports that he plans to leave the comfort of his current temporary abode in Thailand and return home to Sri Lanka next week.

While it is within his right to return home, as some have argued and while others have taken contrary positions, insisting it is still early days yet, identifying this moment as a top opportunity for reset is a bigger imperative.

President Rajapaksa must have had ample time to reflect deeply over the issues that led to his ouster from power. The things he says or does not say and the things he does or does not do about the issues will reveal the kinds of conclusions he has drawn about them. Whether these conclusions are based on facts or speculations are a different subject altogether. The amount of culpability he would arrogate to himself on the issues depend on a stream of factors. And the amount of culpability he would arrogate to other people and external factors also depend on a stream of factors.

But there can be no denying the fact of his pivotal role in how things unraveled for his government. Now that he is here, what might he do? Now that he has had some time to reflect and look at things from the other side, what can he do? This whole space for reflection is a gift that may be converted into good energies that may catalyze some good processes for Sri Lanka’s health and wellbeing. Especially relevant in handling this gift is a certain degree of self-lessness and considerable patience.

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