The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series: 3 – You may now tell YOUR ‘story’ (20:12)

The gift of a New Year is one that offers many people the opportunity to tell an authentic story!

So many people tell stories but not stories they can authentically own because it is not their stories but the stories of others. For whatever reason, the authenticity of these persons remains masked and hidden. While it is true that some persons have almost perfected the art of inauthenticity, it remains a challenge and may be why Smith says that stories ‘…never really end.’ There really is no end to relentless attempts to claim and posture to be what we are not. Besides, what is something that looks so perfect yet so fake like an inauthentic story of self?

While crafting an authentic story it is useful to remember the words of the sages of old: “To thyself be true.” Be authentic this New Year.

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