The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:2 – It’s ‘a beautiful day to be alive’ (14:40)

Why is this important? Because of the energy hope gives. Why is this important? Because we can see, hear and read about fascinating developments in science, arts, entertainment, academia, technology and many more. Wasn’t it beautiful to see nations, big pharma, big tech and international organizations band together, pulling resources together to confront the Covid-19 pandemic in a way that was unprecedented? Isn’t it beautiful to track new developments in transportation and logistics showing faster and more comfortable systems? Isn’t it a beautiful day when one considers the fact that with the robust research and development taking place in medicine, some of the commonest cancers may become things of the past in the not-too-distant future? And families and friends will no longer experience the exhausting and overwhelming feeling from caring for loved ones struck by cancer? Isn’t it a beautiful day when one considers that with technology many more children, especially those from poor backgrounds, can now access quality education?

Generally, it’s a beautiful day to be alive because of all the possibilities we may now observe on the horizon as the New Year begins.

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