Why would a father and mother grieving the brutal murder of their children refuse to be comforted?

Do you know any such father and mother?

Actually, I know many of such persons but I used to think that something like the ‘Voice in Ramah’ would never be heard in my days. Alas, I was wrong. These parents have been blackened by grief yet they refuse to be comforted. Harira’s (who was murdered along with her four children some days ago) husband was on my mind on Saturday evening as I tried to imagine where he is at the moment psychologically, only for me to be numbed on Sunday afternoon by reports that came out of St Francis Catholic Church, Owo in Ondo State.

Why? The question is why would they refuse to be comforted when we assume comfort is what they need in their hour of heart-wrenching grief?

Justice is the beginning, and the anchor of the spectrum of comfort. Its absence makes the remaining components of comfort ineffective and insufficient.


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