The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:11 – Think ‘Perspective’ (50:15)

Because things are usually not as they appear! There are always many sides to any matter, remote, immediate, etc. Some sages in the past put forth the idea of omission alongside commission after considering the matter of only commission for some time. It is also why a coin had to have two main sides – head and tail. Yet those who wish to be safer have insisted on adding the corners of the coin as relevant sides too.

We must think perspective because a throne appearing with all the paraphernalia of rulership and dominion might actually be a prison with all the trappings or bars for isolation and loneliness. A dream that appears very small and remote may actually become the launchpad for many dreams. Whereas a seemingly life-threatening situation could just have been the right setup to awaken sustainability on a scale never previously imagined or considered.

The single biggest ingredient in this nugget relevant to this conversation is adaptability. Thinking perspective allows for ease of change and quick decision making. It allows for change where necessary and the path where it leads. And it helps one bouquet of understanding to readjust to others with minimum effort. So, subscribe to adaptability as the year continues to unfold.

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