The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:10 – Take along the ‘little nostalgia’ capsules (43:59)

For the anxiety moments that will surely come in the course of this New Year. Because anxiety moments are things, we cannot really avoid most times. Indeed, they can be converted into assets, particularly the evaluation-apprehensive variant. Evaluation-apprehensive anxiety variants are typically discernible in the moments leading to a test, exam, challenge, task, trial or contest. All of which we must confront in one form or another as the year unfolds.

Expectations about top performances are rife in many places and sectors. The conditions for most of these expectations have already been set in motion in most places. Whether in business, education, politics, academia, science, media, entertainment, etc. different forms of anxieties have set sail already. Because some of the expectations have already been communicated, verbally or nonverbally. It is the way these things are. But watch out for the nerve-racking variant, which is known by its fervent and prolonged disruption of one’s sense of equilibrium. And its reliable ally, the feverish variant known for its episodic spur of pretended chivalry.

But where in all these, might one place the little nostalgia capsules? In your breast pocket, close to your heart. Close enough for easy reach.

Little nostalgia thoroughly knows the way anxieties go and can force them to undeceive any further as to their final destination. The truth is that anxieties cannot clearly articulate what they want from their host. They press hard on the chest but without any defined objective but with a shot of little nostalgia, the ease the pressure and dissolve sort of.

In the case where they put up any kind of resistance, little nostalgia may resort to a negotiated settlement, in the form of less rapid resolutions of the tension. Instead of dissolving in one fell swoop, the anxieties may dissolve gradually, in bits and portions. But in the end the matters will still be resolved in favour of little nostalgia.

Remember that when you are tempted to yield more grounds to panic, paranoia or anxiety, little nostalgia might just be what you need. So, don’t forget your bottle of little nostalgia capsules.

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