Wishing upon DreamWorks’ The Bad Guys view of ‘the end’ as Cliff Edwards’ Wish upon a Star – 3

Diane Foxington (AKA the Crimson Paw) says: “I was the best thief in the world, fast, fearless, inventive. I just had one thing left to steal. I didn’t just go after it. I had it and a clear escape route but… all I saw in the end was the tricky fox that they always told me I was. It changed everything. So, now instead of hurting people, I’m helping them. I’m still me. I’m just me on the right side.”

Diane (who had become governor after changing from being the best thief in the world) saw that in the end, getting the holy grail of thievery, didn’t change who he was. It was all pointless. Then he walked away and moved to the right side where he saw that doing good was better than being the baddest!

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