The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series: 9 – Make a list of ‘elements from your past…’ (43:52)

That can help ease you into the present. Or ease you through the present.

When present matters and prevailing experiences appear as diseased, refusing to cooperate with you on your efforts to change them for the better, the important clues for easing the situation may be found in the past. In those private moments of triumph and success. The moments when faith or goodness held on until they prevailed. Such occasions often serve as triggers for fresh faith. With fresh faith usually comes some kind of renewal. By this renewal you may give the ebbing situation another shot.

In other words, from those elements in the past you may release the new push that brings some ease to the situation and helps in realizing the long-expected difference. This new release would have ceased the flow of unease, complicating the situation while at the same time allowing for the necessary juice to flow into the important areas requiring a new supply of life.

The expectation is for you to be pleased by the change in circumstances and for you to experience calm where tension and apprehensions once held sway.

Through practice, the pleasant outcomes will likely increase for you as you make your way through the year. So, have you been diarizing your special moments from the past? That is, have you been keeping a record of your moments of goodness and triumph from the past? Those moments are assets you cannot afford to ignore in this new year or subsequent years.

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