The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:8 – Make this New Year about ‘Set and setting.’ (43:44)

This New Year, set your settings like the sunset! Don’t be upset when dark clouds blow across your face, your plans, your dreams or your presence. Remain like the sun when it sets. Firm and strong. Your expectations are anchored deeply in your plans for the year. Don’t settle for shifty settlements or unsteady scenes. Set your settings among settlers already settling into their grove.

You may now set your face as a flint towards your goals! And maintain the manner of a settled course. So that you could resemble the sun when you look back at how you journeyed the year when you arrived at its terminal point on December 31st.

At the outset, set out! Or else you may be beset by indecision and indecisiveness. It is still early days in the year and just the right time to begin. Halt procrastination. Begin. At this point, set forth your set purpose. Set yourself up. You must have heard about how some people set others up to fail or succeed. You always get the impression that such exercises receive considerable brain power before execution. That is, they are given considerable thought and the people are intentional. What if you borrowed some of that same book and applied some of the ideas in setting yourself up for success this New Year?

Experience has shown that you could actually set off other streams of light, and extensions of beauties simply by staying the course and remaining set in your plans. Many have been imbued with pleasant surprises on their journeys as they remained unshakeable.

Setting out at this time of year can actually become an asset. A special one for that matter because of its ability to give you more and attract more enablers to your base.

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