The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:7 – ‘If you want the truth, follow…’ (42:39)

…The individual that is mostly likely to hand it over to you. Not the individual with only promises and flatteries. Not the one that appears likely but the one that definitely ticks all the relevant boxes. For the sake of everyone still adjusting to the New Year, those relevant boxes are timeless. That is, to know the truth, which is one of the dominant preoccupations of people everywhere, one must follow that individual who ticks all of the boxes considered as timeless.

There was only one way for Neo to know the truth – follow Bugs, and cast his hesitation aside. Bugs was the only way. If Neo did not follow her, he would never know the truth. To follow is to go after and allow another lead. Sort of transferring control or oversight to another. Of course, it is much easier to follow any individual or thing online than it is in real life. And there is something within us that likes to resist any attempt by other people to dictate for us or tell us what to do. We like being in-charge and don’t like it when some persons appear like we are better off if they are in charge of our affairs. Yet we cannot deny that sense of vulnerability when certain situations arise, and the longing for certainty that is founded on the truth, comes to the fore.

What if we transferred Neo’s interest in the truth to the real world and imbued Bugs with the modus operandi of a cold case detective? In which case, we make Bugs a person of interest for Neo. A person who would convincingly substantiate all the truth claims she makes to Neo.

Speaking of person of interest, J. Warner Wallace, a cold case homicide detective has written a book with the same title, Person of Interest, in which he applied his skills as an experienced cold case detective, to investigate the truth claims of one of history’s most influential persons of interest, Jesus Christ. Like Neo followed Bugs, Wallace followed the trail, as it were, sniffing, checking, cross-checking and deploying all the other tools of his trade, so that he can be in a position to advise truth seekers today on the best path to take in their search for the truth. His considerable research from available data shows the remarkable impact Jesus has had on the critical areas of life since his birth over two thousand years ago. He acknowledges his impact in other religions, science, education, art, literature and so much more.

This New Year, follow the person of interest that can answer the fundamental questions of truth. Follow Jesus.

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