The Policeman in Governor Wike’s “As e dey sweet you, e dey pain dem” video as a metaphor

Suddenly the hype-men began to sing and Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State heeded their call. The music transported him and there was no question that his face lit up, despite the sunglasses he was wearing. As he moved to the beat of the song, obviously enjoying the moment and spreading amusement and laughter in the crowd, my neighbour asked me to observe the policeman that stood behind him the whole time.

There was no smirk, grin, smile, or the slightest expression of amusement on his face. How did he hold it together so? How did he maintain self-control in such a moment that he did not join the parade of amusement with the slightest expression of his facial involvement?

Is the officer immune to amusement, mirth, and laughter? Of course not, but he was on duty. And sage once charged the rest of us a long time ago that Where duty calls or danger, be never wanting there. Even if it seems out of place to do so.

By sticking to his duty and maintaining the appearance required by his office, he reminded the rest of us about the important work of the police. And by extension, he reminded the rest of everyone with any duty to always heed the call, regardless of any contrary invitation to do otherwise.

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