The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series:6 – Be clear about ‘what you want’ (27:04)

Investigate and know the difference between what you really want and what you are supposed to want. List the two categories side by side. Compare your findings and observe them closely. Look again at the list; some of the things you really want may be better if replaced by some of the things you’re supposed to want. The value of some things you are supposed to want actually come to the fore over the course of time. That is, their real value may not be apparent in the beginning. Try not to do this exercise of comparing and observing closely your findings in haste; give it some thought and time. But limit the items to a manageable number. Why? To save you from dissipating valuable energy and resources on futile quests. And to save you from the avoidable burnout.

Having a few manageable items that have gone through some scrutiny to be on your important list, is a thousand times better than packing the list with many seemingly exciting things that have not been clarified or given considerable thought. Too many things on one’s list easily clutter the view and significantly restrains the ability to focus, which is an important ingredient for seeing ideas/pursuits through to the point of success.

To better appreciate the value of this nugget, picture/imagine a clear sky. Then picture any object of your fancy against the clear sky. The view is definitely going to be better. And the admiration for the object in question will be higher.

Now picture a clear-cut face with the features clearly standing out, and nothing to be mistaken. In the realm of relationships, take this as a cue to narrow your options. With faith, focus, heart and effort, your one true love may be found and come as a sweet reward; instead of spreading your feelings among many prospects who may end up leaving you with nothing but regrets.

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