Questions for Billie Eilish in No Time to Die?

Why did she think she should have known from the beginning when life itself is a continuous unveiling of things not previously apparent to us?

Why didn’t she know that she’d leave alone when we all eventually do?

How could she not have known that the blood a heartbreaker bleeds, is something the heartbreaker owes, on his conscience?

How come she didn’t know that it would be too much to bear if instead of being a pair, a partner sees the other as his or her life, and life proves unfair because of that?

Didn’t she know that a certain degree of stupidity and recklessness is present in everyone who loves even if it is not obvious to everyone?

How did she fall for a lie from someone who was never by her side?

How did he fool her once, and twice?

Would he not fool her a third time if she wants him to answer whether he is death or paradise?

Does seeing her cry give him any advantages, and shouldn’t she be more upbeat instead of melancholic since there’s no time to die?

She let the pain burn but does the melancholic feel convince us he’s no longer her concern?

Will those faces from her past disappear when the current lesson is learned?

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