The Bush, the Expressway and Matters arising

It is the busiest and most famous expressway in Nigeria. On its sides lie various centres of religious activities, which draw millions of people from the rest of the country and abroad, on a regular basis. But it was not always like this.

The photo above shows what that whole area used to look like in the early 60s. Just after Julius Berger Nigeria constructed what first started as a two-lane road.

Pastor Poju Oyemade, Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos, mentioned recently that after returning from a meeting with an older minister, in that axis, he came to a decision about a real estate transaction he had been hesitant about. If a bush could be transformed into various facilities, many of which have impacted positively on the lives of people far and near, there is plenty he could do with the property in question to impact more on society, he reasoned. Would there be more positive transformation in society if everyone who encounters a moment of epiphany, especially travelling leaders, who see how things are done more efficiently in other climes, come to intelligent decisions on how to replicate their learnings at home, and indeed follow through with those plans?

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