Opportunity #18 – Activate Diasporas of the Order of Nehemiah #blackoctober

When conditions are described as dire and distressing, they automatically place within the reach of some people the power to change those conditions. When rather than take away from the index of misery, the prevailing conditions add to a worsening index, an automatic invitation is sent out, some kind of Save our Soul, to some persons to do something. The individuals to which the calls are directed have the heart, head and reach to galvanize the kind of reaction that ultimately create a radical change to the status quo. With prayers, goodwill, skills and other assets, they commence a rebuilding process targeted and restoring the dignity of their compatriots who had seen a steady degrading of their lives and things they once held dear.

The active participation of some Nigerians in the Diaspora in the #EndSARS movement is one that compels further investigation, especially its potential for yielding bigger and better outcomes should we factors in some of the elements adopted by the symbol of the Order of Nehemiah, Nehemiah himself.

Nehemiah served an important function in the palace of King Xerxes of Persia, far away from his home country when he received news one day that his country back home was in ruins. He was distressed by the distress of his fellow countrymen. He was distraught by the misery and brokenness sent to him through the courier. He took his burden to the place of prayer to ask for God’s help. Subsequently, he returned to his duty but soon his looks betrayed him. He could not hide the distress and despair that was in his soul. His boss saw it. Kings used to be like that in those days. They seemed to be able to look into the soul. King Xerxes knew something troubled the soul of Nehemiah whereupon he urged him to ‘speak up.’

At the end of the day, Nehemiah used his leverage with the king to activate the process for rebuilding his homeland that was in ruins. He did not excuse himself with the idea that he was not royalty. Or that the people back home got what they deserved. Or anything of the sort.

A private chat with his boss; a closed-door session with a wielder of real power and influence to get his buy and participation was the first major win of Nehemiah. The success that followed his subsequent actions rested heavily on this plank.

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