6 Irrefutable Facts about true love provided by the Lady Gaga-led House of Gucci
Three: Don’t care what the family name is (20:19)

Not in a disrespectful or dishonourable way but in a way in which a certain resolve has focused on the final outcomes wherein all initial doubts and anxieties are erased. This seemingly ‘I don’t care’ attitude is some kind of appeal for patience because the necessary boxes, having been checked, have produced an assurance that the journey would be worth the while of every critical interest eventually. Every family name of significance has a story, especially a beginning. No family name of significance suddenly appeared from nowhere and began to command goodwill. It took effort, perseverance and faith to get the name from ordinary status to commanding status. This understanding is not lost on true love, although some holders and custodians of a reputable family name sometimes behave as if the current status of the family name has always been the same from the beginning.

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