6 Irrefutable Facts about true love provided by the Lady Gaga-led House of Gucci
Four: Might have only love to give (22:02)

Why doesn’t this look like a deficient situation? Or why is a situation in which true love is seemingly the only thing available for sharing, not an undersupplied state of affair? Because when true love is in motion, good seeds are being sown about. Like a farmer casting his precious seeds on the earth. Waiting in hope for harvest time, where the ordinary seeds of yesterday will be ready to repay his confidence in sowing. Reaping follows sowing, surely as harvest time follows seedtime. True love is not a hopeless spreader of good seeds but a firm believer in harvest. True love is a big believer in receiving. And that whole receiving component changes the dynamics. There is no loss to the giving of true love, especially in the time of harvest. Yet, true love is cleareyed about the fact that harvest time might choose to spice up the season with unexpected colours and themes but everything blends together into a definite beauty.

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