The brighter side (2) – homesickness is on vacation


Suddenly it has become a case of: absent from the hustle and present with family. Unlike what it was before this time when it was a case of present with the hustle and absent from the family, which created the disturbing condition known as homesickness.

Before the fear of contracting coronavirus compelled families to stay at home, together, homesickness plagued many homes in ways many cannot fathom. It made many hustling parents rue the missed moments and milestones in the development of their relationship as spouses. Hedged in by guilt, some individuals attempted to make up but yet acknowledged the fact that the efforts still came short. They were going to live with the feelings of regrets. Maybe the fact that it was a general condition affecting many families with working partners would provide some consolation. But that itself rang hollow.

When it came to the place of the children, the effects of the hustle were not different. Some parents noticed that their ‘innocent children from yesterday had become indifferent strangers today.’ A discovery that exacerbated the underlying condition of homesickness.

But thanks to coronavirus, spouses and children that had been growing apart and suffering intermittent bouts of homesickness, have noticed a marked difference in the condition. There are more sounds of laughter in homes than it was the case. There are more sounds of conversation in many homes than it was the case. Obviously, there are more opportunities to make memorable moments together than was the case previously.

It is now safe to say that coronavirus has sent homesickness on vacation. In a way that is almost being seen as extreme considering the complaints that some people are beginning to be ‘tired’ of being with their spouses all the day long.

Interestingly, while those partners who have not given considerable thought to ‘creatively exploiting’ the ‘forced vacation’ to remove the troubling bits of boredom in it, are beginning to feel irritated by it, many children, especially preteens, are enjoying every bit of the forced vacation.

Thanks to coronavirus, families have been given ample time and opportunities to invest quality time, attention and thought in one another. These are priceless seeds with returns that dwarfs such as may be given by the best material gifts derived from the hustle.

One footnote to this unintended gift of coronavirus to families across the world is this: we need all the positive energy we can get in these generally depressing and despairing times. Appreciating the earth anew (as we were charged to do yesterday) and being more thankful for each and every member of one’s immediate and extended family, will surely raise the level of positive energy in the society. And push out more fire to inflame the creative juices being poured out in our search for the cure for coronavirus.

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