21 Sweetest Moments from the Coronation of the 21st Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase 111 on August 21st 2021

  1. When the beautiful Crown was placed on the head of the new King.
  2. His Singing and choice of songs before he rose to give his speech
  3. The chiefs and others who stood up as he moved to give his speech even when he had permitted them to sit while he stood
  4. The revelation of the Lion & Lamb crest/logo
  5. His wife doing obeisance before the king
  6. The infectious energy in the room
  7. The revelation of the ‘prophetic word’ by the late father-in-law, Captain Hosa Okunbor
  8. The king’s smile
  9. Acknowledgment of the significance of the day (21st Olu of Warri crowned on the 21st Day of August in the 21st Century)
  10. Seamless transition into the role of OIu; exuding calmness while showing authority and power
  11. The refreshing components of the speech namely:
  12. The hope quotient
  13. Reversal of the ‘curse’
  14. Release of the blessing
  15. The articulation, charisma and mesmerizing cadence
  16. The knowledge of history
  17. Speaking without any speech prompter
  18. The message to the youths
  19. The message to women
  20. Revelation of how the Crown had ‘gone full circle’ from the days of the first Olu, Ginuwa, the prince from Benin
  21. The clear revelation that Nigeria could have a 37-year-old president as equipped, knowledgeable, confident, persuasive, charismatic, controlled and path-finding as Ogiame Atuwase 111. Clearly, this was the sweetest moment!
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