Who looks more like Ogiame Atuwatse III among Frank Edoho, RMD, Femi Adebayo and Sola Fosudo?

What are you going to do with the answer?

Kindly indulge me for a bit

Why? And what is the contribution of such exercise to our collective wellbeing?

I’m testing a little hypothesis

Sorry, I’m nobodys guinea pig or laboratory rat

You’re already confirming my hunch

That what?

When ordinary, regular, routine things, irritate you without ceasing, it is a clue…

That what?

That a fundamental bolt is out of joint.

What do you mean by fundamental bolt?

Those things that hold your humanity together. Those things that pull you towards a newborn baby, that make you cringe at the sight of suffering children and other vulnerable groups; those things that make you recoil when oppressors shine or are promoted. Those things are your fundamental bolts, my friend.

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