Beyond the controversy of situating Zack Snyder’s 6 Justice League Superheroes in Nigeria’s 6 Geopolitical Zones

“There are six, not five. There is no us without him.” Bruce Wayne

Instead of entangling ourselves in the controversy as how appropriate or otherwise the attempt to situate Jack Snyder’s 6 Justice League Superheroes in Nigeria’s 6 Geopolitical Zones, shouldn’t the bigger issue be the uniting of forces to confront Nigeria’s version of Darkseid’s existential threat? And instead of misreading the intent of Bruce Wayne’s comment quoted above to mean less of the five and more of the one, or inferiority of the five and superiority of the one, shouldn’t the bigger issue be how to harness the strength embedded in the collective 6?

The attempts to situate Aquaman in South-South, Wonder-Woman in South West, Cyborg in South-East, Flash in North-East, Superman in North-West and Batman in North-Central will continue to elicit controversy. But whether the characterizations are fitting or not, the inescapable fact from this unusual mesh of tales, is the urgency of forging a united force to confront the current challenges.

Bruce Wayne’s adoption of disguised plea as strategy to foster a better understanding, first among the five Superheroes, to increase their collective capabilities and position them to more easily neutralize the threat from the enemy, commends itself to us. It showed that instead of allowing antagonism and resentment to define the relationships, mutual respect should be the thing. A common admiration for

everyone’s strength and uniqueness will help foster the much-needed agreement that cannot be easily undone by any enemy.

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