Why Diego Maradona died the day Liverpool FC suffered its heaviest home UCL defeat under Jurgen Klopp

You speak as if Maradona knew he was going to die on Wednesday. Does anyone know when he/she will be called to appear before the Creator? Besides, he was only 60 years old.

Which was a long time already

You can’t be serious. Someone I know is planning her 90th Birthday this December

Good for her. Hope she dines daily at the kindness cubicle at the departure wing?

What’s the kindness cubicle and what departure wing are you talking about?

You will know when you see the signs.

What signs? What signs did beloved 17year old, 7A1’s Chisom Chukwuneke have?

Please don’t go there. Her story took my words and locked them away. It was Maradona’s kindness that gave me a breather.

Maradona’s kindness? Do you know he never played for Liverpool FC?

I do but isn’t that the beauty of showing kindness? The sages say the best form of kindness is that which cannot be repaid directly to the benefactor. Maradona can no longer receive any returned kindness from Liverpool FC

You’re really stuck on this Maradona’s show of kindness to Liverpool FC

Yes, Maradona’s kindness is Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp’s gain because it took away the full impact of the heavy loss to Atalanta FC.

What do you mean? Losing is part of living. We lose everyday

I know but all loses are not the same. They do not carry the same weight.

It was only a match. Besides, it was not even the finals of the UCL

I agree but Maradona’s kindness absorbed a good measure of the shock


It distracted much of the discussion and put Maradona in our faces and in front of those analysts, including the Liverpool- ‘jealous’-ones

In that case, Maradona’s kindness was not to Liverpool FC alone

Now you see it.

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