NGWA-GBV, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Citation and that TIME story of April 2016

In the buildup to the November 25 United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, members of Nigerian Governors Wives against Gender-Based Violence (NGWA-GBV) organized various programs, conferences, consultations and innovative engagements across the country to call attention to the cause and get the buy-in of more people.

To register support for the cause, famed movie producer Kunle Afolayan already subscribed to the theme of this year’s celebration (Orange the World) through his latest movie, Citation. See the movie’s cover and graphics for evidence.

Beyond the movie’s cover, the subject of the story falls squarely within the spectrum of matters being considered by the NGWA-GBV.

However, what’s missing in the story (which hopefully, might appear in the movie’s sequel; and subsequent interventions by the NGWA-GBV) is an interrogation of the cause of much of the violence that is directed towards women these days, especially violence of a sexual nature.

Thankfully, the TIME cover story of April 2016 provides very valuable contents in terms of answering the question as to why the widespread increase in sexual aggression against women. The report fingers widespread porn, especially today’s very aggressive forms, as the big elephant in the room.

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