Why do ladies fall in love with leaders of gangs?

That’s a stupid question.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Perspective, my foot

That, my friend, is itself a perspective

Where do you want to go with this? I’m not ready to chase after the wind

Ah! You’ve just echoed the view of a wise man from long, long time ago. He saw chasing after the wind as the business of most people.

And you agree with him?

It is what time tells us when you live long enough.

Can we go back to your first question? Why did you not qualify the question instead of implying that all ladies fall in love with gang leaders, something you cannot prove anyway?

Perhaps you should have equally responded this way, instead of calling it a stupid question. By the way, do you think I wanted an answer from your head or your heart. I wanted you to give the question some thought but you simply brushed it aside.

Ok. Apologies. Can you please tell me your interest (of all things) in why some ladies fall in love with gang leaders, in the first place? Meanwhile, by gang leaders, do you mean street gangs?

I suppose you may include that category as well. Actually, the basic profile is the same from one group to another.


Some ladies love the thrill of association, seeing that these guys are persons of power and influence. You can always tell that persons of power and influence know how to get things done. And you agree with me that most ladies are drawn to guys who know how to get things done.

That one is in their DNA. They were wired from creation to be drawn to guys who are getting things done. You have just made me remember Abigail.

Who is that?

Ah, someone you should know.

When can I meet her?

I’m afraid she died a long time ago. She had this lovely voice that complemented her full options

What do you mean by full options?

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard those who say God took extra time in designing and moulding some sisters?

Oh, come on. All that is genetics. But go on. I get what you mean. Tell me about this Abigail

Abigail and many young ladies like her once fell in love with the most daring young man in their community; who rose to the occasion once and rid the community of the biggest bully from an opposing community. The bully made their lives miserable with his daily threats and taunts. The appreciative ladies composed love songs for their hero, and wished he would become their prince charming. But he gave his heart to the princess, and Abigail and the rest moved on, accepting the marriage proposals from the ‘left overs.’ Do you remember what that wise man once said when it comes to relationships: when the preferred is not available, the available becomes the preferred? Anyway, Abigail settled into her home and was beginning to adjust to the new reality when she began to hear reports about a certain gang leader. Those who brought the report to her did not know at first that their descriptions matched the form of her first crush. He had become a successful gang leader prowling the woods. I don’t know how but for some strange reasons, they came back together following the sudden death of her husband. Many of my friends who are familiar with her story believe that true love always wins at the end of the day because whereas she did not have any child for her first husband, her first crush who later became her husband, got her pregnant, and she delivered their son, Daniel.

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  1. Oddyunique October 20, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Opposite attracts!
    Who wouldn’t fall for that charming and powerful hero roaming in the woods anywaiz?
    sure got a thing for beautiful belles!!!


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