The power of choice in the matter of assault of Elena and Catherine by the Strongman

Elena and Catherine stood beside each other enjoying the warmth of each other’s company when suddenly, the Strongman grabbed them by the neck and forcefully removed them from their preferred place.

Not many expected that the two sisters would be so rudely assaulted by one seeking to exercise his power of choice. The scene unfolded quite spontaneously yielding all manner of considerations and eventualities. Family members and other admirers of the two sisters were thrown into inexplicable dread as they tried to process what they had just witnessed. Some wished for a quick pushback while others canvassed for a more measured and strategic response, considering the reach of the Strongman. The latter group insisted that though the assault came as a rude shock, if in their reaction they discounted the Strongman’s right of choice, it would win them fewer sympathizers.

But the others argued that Elena and Catherine equally had their right of choice having fulfilled the conditions necessary to occupy the space where they stood. Like, the Strongman, they too had rights, which the Strongman had so brazenly violated in his attempt to express his own power to choose.

At the end of the day, both sides agreed that the main substance of the case revolved around exercising the power of choice. But first of all, there was need to define, compare and categorize the rights that were revealed by the incident. What right is superior to the other? Between the parties, who had a bigger power of choice in the circumstances?

Of course, with the exercise of choice always comes the issue of consequences, which must remain the biggest consideration all interested parties in the matter, take to heart.

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