If Tyler Perry is not Oprah Winfrey’s top legacy yet, what is?

Must you take away from his greatest moment? I wouldn’t do that. And contrary to you rather than take away, it adds to the moment for him. How? Didn’t you see her smiling from side to side at the event? Should she have worn a forlorn look or even have stayed away? You think including her name in the title of this post takes away from Tyler Perry’s greatest moment but it does not. Of all the many African Americans that have associated with her over the years, here was one who got the authentic message she’s tried all her glittering life to pass on What’s the message? The effort it takes to dream big is almost the same effort required not to dream at all. And it takes the right association to get big dreams going. Also, be prepared to keep those long worn out excuses from your path with all the fight in you. By the way, ignore that bit Tyler said about Hollywood not giving him as much credit as he deserves. Though it was an echo from his mentor, consider it as a minor blip. If he became this successful without getting due regard from Hollywood, wouldn’t you pray that Hollywood treat you the same way?

I’m not in Hollywood

Oh please. Get over it. I’m also a big fan. I repeat, if Tyler became this successful without getting due regard from Hollywood, may Hollywood not give you due regard. Say amen. Remember that joke that followed Tuface Idibia’s ‘Nothing dey happen’ slogan?

He’s no longer called Tuface but Tubaba

Whatever. ‘Nothing dey happen, nothing dey happen,’ Tuface build house; ‘Nothing dey happen, Nothing dey happen,’ Tuface buy car; ‘Nothing dey happen, Nothing dey happen,’ Tuface win MTV Africa award, and many other awards. May nothing happen for you. Say amen.

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