6 Reasons true Liverpool FC fans are not very angry over Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League victory

  1. Their team lost to an opposition that truly deserved the UEFA Champions League trophy considering the way their opponent played the matches leading to the finals
  2. Their team lost to a team of character and resilience, true qualities of abiding champions
  3. Their darling team put up a spirited and gallant performance on the night, pushing the opposition all the way until the final whistle
  4. The acknowledgement by fans of Real Madrid that not only was Liverpool FC a worthy opposition but one that paid the highest tribute to world-class football in the final game
  5. The consolation they continue to derive from the other successes recorded by their darling team this season; they set their sights on winning a quadruple but ended with a double!
  6. Istanbul, the city for the next finals, has come into view and hope is already beginning to rise
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